The boring stuff

Terms & Conditions

  • No under 18s permitted to any of our events.
  • You are required to bring a torch to all our events.
  • Suitable footwear must be worn, no flip flops or high heels.
  • Our locations are not suitable for people with mobilty issues.
  • Heavily pregnant people are not permitted to any of our events.
  • Every guest must behave in a decent manner and respect the local residents upon leaving our events.
  • S.G.H will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal equipment.
  • S.G.H will not be held responsible for vehicle parking fines or clamping.
  • Every guest attends our events at their own risk.
  • If for any reason S.G.H cancel an event a partial refund will be given we cannot refund hotels/travel expenses.
  • We operate a zero tolerance policy on alcohol or drugs we reserve the right to remove people suspected of being under the influence of the above, no refund will be given.
  • Your personal details will not be passed onto any third parties.
  • We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity on any of our events.
  • The use of cameras and video equipment is permitted with permission of a team member.
  • Please arrive ten minutes before the official start time.
  • If you are running late let the team know.
  • All tickets are none refundable or transferable.