We’re a small team

Here’s a little
about us.

We’re made up of 2-5 members depending on the hunt in question. Ben & Jason O’Reilly, the founder of Simply Ghost Hunts Ltd. Along with Elizabeth Tayler, the company’s consultant are present at all hunts. Our aim is to explore the unknown in some fantastic buildings and locations. Along the way we hope to make connections to the paranormal.

Simply ghost hunts team photo

What can you expect on a Simply Ghost Hunts UK ghost hunt?

We’re an experienced team that have a wealth of knowledge about the paranormal, we utilise that knowledge to seek out the paranormal through all means that we can. We will be on hand at all times to ensure that you are safe, and most importantly having a fantastic time. 

Where are we based and where do we operate?

Simply Ghost Hunts Ltd are based in Derbyshire, but we operate up and down the country at many locations for our hunts. We like to vary our destinations because we’re always looking for the next experience. 

How long have we been operating and what equipment do we use?

Simply Ghost Hunts Ltd was founded in December of 2019, but have been experienced in paranormal hunting for the last 7 years as a hobby. We have a range of equipment to accommodate all different locations and needs, speak to a member of our team today to
find out more! 

What do I need to bring with me and be aware of?

You are required to bring your own torch, we prefer it this way because you’ll be more comfortable using it. Suitable footwear will need to be worn, no flip flops, no high heels etc. you’ll need to be mobile and able to walk comfortably, both in and outdoors. Cameras and video equipment are allowed with the permission of a team member, we must ensure that other hunters are happy with someone filming or taking photographs of them.

Man stood in dark with torch
Man stood in dark with torch